I think this might be my favourite entrance way of any of The National Trust properties I have visited so far. I can imagine carriages pulling up outside to ferry beautifully dressed men and women to a ball. The lady looking stunning in a beautiful gown above is Alda Weston, Lady Hoare. Painted by St George Hare in 1909. I was so happy when I managed to get this shot of the library almost clear of people, it’s absolutely beautiful and packed full of books. At the last count in December 2014, there were 6,474. The intriguing piece above is called The Pope’s Cabinet, it has 150 hidden drawers and was a gift to Pope Sixtus V. It was purchased by Henry Hoare in the 1740s I loved seeing the hints of spring around the gardens, and as one of my challenges to myself this year is to try and… View Post

As someone who enjoys a good nature photography session I have always enjoyed visiting National Trust properties, and during a recent trip to my local Tyntesfield I decided that it would save me a large amount of money if I became a member of the Trust. I will say I am already half way to making my money back in a matter of a just a few months – a very worthwhile investment. I thought I might showcase some of the properties I enjoy as I embrace my time as a National Trust Member. First up has to be my favourite local haunt – Tyntesfield.   I love the range of flowers to be seen here, with my favourite being the soon to be Tulip season as they always have a fantastic array here for me to photograph. I absolutely adore the houses chapel, it’s small but in my opinion… View Post