Smelling delightful with Moonlight Melts

I had seen a lot of talk about Moonlight Melts on Twitter & Instagram at the end of last year and they were getting rave reviews.  I knew we were looking for some new melts for the house, we normally have one burning every night after dinner so I swooped in and took advantage of an offer to grab a few packets of Moonlight Melts.

The smells I picked are below:


Monkey Farts – Tropical Banana with a hint of coconut and grapefruit.

Sweet As Candy – A very sweet fragrance that smells like fruity candy floss. The top notes are bergamot, Sicilian orange and green nuance of fig leaves. In the heart, a thin lily of the valley note enjoys the company of liquorice blossom and red fruits. The gourmand dry down is composed of vanilla, caramel, woodsy and musky notes.

Love Potion – A blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red apple and Georgia peach with hints of tamarind and blonde wood.

*This fragrance is inspired by Victoria’s Secret Love Spell, although is in no way affiliated or associated with the brand*

Cinnamon Spice

As you can see from the picture below, all the melts are packed in small bags with the name and full ingredients list on the front. I liked that the packaging was small and contained as for me there is nothing more annoying than unnecessary packaging.

They were all together in a cute little pink and white striped paper bag, which reminded me of the old school sweet bags full of pick n mix.

Yes, I did partly buy these for their hilarious name, and no I’m not even remotely ashamed of it.

However, I have to be honest these were one of the family favourites.

The banana smell with a hint of coconut is very tropical island, and I would say if you are the sort of person who loves fruit based melts this one will easily be a winner.

It did remind me a little bit of a cross between the banana sweets from school days pick n mix and a pina colada! An out and out winner for me.

The directions for these melts state to use one or two melts at a time, I did a bit of trial and error with them myself and I would recommend two of the melts per usage.

We have an average sized melt burner which is actually from Yankee Candle and it held two melted Moonlight Melts easily, so I would say there’s no risk of spillage from the melts but obviously do take care.

Love potion were easily the prettiest of the melts I purchased, purely due to their gorgeous red glitter – I mean look at the beauty!

I really loved the smell of these and when you first come into a room they’re in after work or first thing in a morning you can smell them even though they’re not burning. The smell was sweet but not over powering, a really intriguing mix.

One thing that really did impress all of us about the Moonlight Melts is the amount of time the melts lasted once melted.

Previous ones we have used from various companies tend to last at most two-three days before they get that awful waxy smell. However these melts lasted nearly a week which was brilliant, especially for the price they are such great value.

Cinnamon Spice was a parental favourite, it smells just like Christmas markets. Full of rich spices and cinnamon, it was like having one of those Christmas spice garlands in your living room.

This will definitely be on the repurchase list, although if you are looking for this one on the site currently you won’t find it as it’s a winter special. So if like me you are a cinnamon fan, then keep your beady eyes peeled around November time for it’s return!

The sweet As Candy melts look a little different as they are the only stars in the pack I ordered, I think they are very cute.

I have to admit that although I did enjoy these, sweet as candy is not going to be on my repurchase list. I found them just a touch too sweet for my taste, although maybe they were just unfortunate to be up against other scents that I absolutely adored.

These little melts are an absolute delight, cute design mixed with beautiful scents what is not to love?

Even without an offer the price you pay for these melts is such a great deal you really can’t go wrong. The average price for a pack of 4 melts is £1.80 and considering how long they last that’s fantastic.

There is a possibility I have already been looking on the website for my new batch of Moonlight Melts, there are a few I have on the to buy list and mermaid sparkle is looking like a winner to me!

Check out Moonlight Melts on their websiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This review is NOT a sponsored post and is purely to share what I think is a great product with you all. 


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