A photo tour of Stourhead National Trust

I think this might be my favourite entrance way of any of The National Trust properties I have visited so far.

I can imagine carriages pulling up outside to ferry beautifully dressed men and women to a ball.

The lady looking stunning in a beautiful gown above is Alda Weston, Lady Hoare. Painted by St George Hare in 1909.

I was so happy when I managed to get this shot of the library almost clear of people, it’s absolutely beautiful and packed full of books.

At the last count in December 2014, there were 6,474.

The intriguing piece above is called The Pope’s Cabinet, it has 150 hidden drawers and was a gift to Pope Sixtus V.

It was purchased by Henry Hoare in the 1740s

I loved seeing the hints of spring around the gardens, and as one of my challenges to myself this year is to try and look new angles to my photographs I am pretty proud of this one of the house rising beyond the daffodils.

There is just so much beauty in the grounds of Stourhead, it has easily stolen my heart as my favourite National Trust property thus far.

From the quaintness of watch cottage…

to the majestic lake and surrounding gorgeous building including the temple of apollo & the pantheon.

The shot above was taken through a gap in the most adorable grotto by the lake.

There is even some film history to be seen here as the bridge you can see in the shot above is the one used in the filming of Pride and Prejudice with Keira knightly and Matthew Macfadyen. Sadly you can’t get on the bridge and imagine yourself as Elizabeth Bennett as it’s now closed to the public.

If you are in the Wiltshire area and looking for a day out, then please consider heading over to Stourhead.

It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s definitely found a place in my heart.


Gift Aid  Adult- £18.30 Standard Adult – £16.60

Gift Aid Child – £9.20 Standard Adult – £8.30

Gift Aid Family – £45.80 Standard Family – £41.50

Gift Aid 1 adult, 2 children – £27.50 Standard 1 adult, 2 children – £24.90

For more information on Stourhead visit their National Trust Site here!



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