Wonderful Wednesday #2

Well it’s been a weird and very up and down week this week but I am taking more of the good than the bad from it.

I am embracing the fact that I have reconnected with an old friend who I haven’t seen for about 10 years. He’s an incredible guy, who happens to be teaching abroad so while we have been catching up over messages we haven’t got the opportunity to meet up – it’s a very long flight! But despite this we speak daily and share pictures of random pieces of our lives, and it’s just been great to reconnect with someone who makes me happy.

I have been working through some personal things over the last week or so, and things have been a little tough, but one thing that has kept me smiling is my Twitter friends. I know some people can’t understand the importance of online friendships but personally I found a great little community through Twitter that I never imagined I would find. People that celebrate each others victories, support through the bad times, and always check in on each other if there is a sense there is something not quite right – so praise to all my awesome Twitter family for their support and for keeping me sane!

Saturday meant I got to catch up with Becci a great friend of mine who I don’t get to see anywhere near as often as I would like, we shared stories and caught up on life over a cuppa which was a huge blessing as Becci is someone who never fails to listen without judgement and always gives wise advice. She is also a huge ray of positivity, and being around her you can’t fail to be happy.

I also got to spend time with Nic as we headed out to E5, a city centre church in Bristol to watch their performance of Heavens Gates & Hells Flames. It was definitely an interesting evening and one I would definitely recommend if it comes to your area, was very thought provoking. I had the chance to chat to some of the members of the church after the performance who were so friendly and welcoming, it was a joy to get to spend some time with them and I even spotted some people I knew and it was nice to catch up with their news.

Improving my photography is one of my goals for the month of April, and I am happy to say I have been out working on that as you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram – if you don’t why not? You are missing on clips of Bristol life & random bits of life on my insta stories!

The camera was put to good use on Monday, when Mum and I headed out to the University of Bristol Botanic Gardens for their Easter sculpture trail. As well as the beautiful plants & trees of the gardens, there were many incredible sculptures scattered artistically around the gardens themselves. Some of my favourites included metal ferns and leaf bowls by Willa Ashworth and some beautiful hares by Christine Baxter. There were so many stunning pieces to pick from, including wire chickens and lush pink flamingoes, stained glass flowers, stone figurines and some absolutely incredible wooden sculptures that I had the chance to watch being created.

But I think the highlight of my day was getting to my make my own little sculpture, for someone like me who is very much lacking in artistic skill I was a little worried when I was offered a piece and willow and asked if I would like to join in and make something. In the spirit of another April goal of saying yes to new opportunities, I thought why not. What’s the worst that can happen. We were taught how to bend and wrap the willow (which had previously been soaked for a week to make it pliable) by the very patient and talented Maya from Wolf Works. She made everyone feel at ease, helped where needed but allowed each persons design to grow organically into whatever type of bug they might be making. Yes bugs people – bees, dragonflies and flying creatures of all kinds. I’m not sure what mine was but once the wings were added and I had given him a name Buddy was born! Here he is in all of his stages.

I hope you enjoyed your look into my week, why not check out these wonderful ladies too… Jo, Cat, El, Peta, Ellie and the leader of the team the wonderful Sally.

How has your week been? Was there a particular highlight?


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