April Goals

As I’ve been thinking a little more about goal setting in the last few weeks, I thought why not share a goals post on the blog!

  1. Hit my first blogging goal of 50 followers. I know it doesn’t sound much to most of the bloggers out there, but it will be my first milestone here on Crooked Bookmark. I’m very close, so if you haven’t already given me a follow why not help a girl out! 🙂
  2. Say yes more! This is a goal I have been working on much more this year, I have often shied away from doing certain things for mostly the reason of fear, and I’ve decided that I need to step out and be braver more often. This is how I ended up at a fantastic Book Launch for the lovely Cally Taylor last month. So here’s hoping many more good things will come my way in April.
  3. Say No more. This might seem completely counter productive in light of the previous goal, but actually this is a mental health goal for me. I am increasingly annoyed by us as a society where we seem to feel there is something wrong with saying no to an invite, whether it’s a family meal, coffee with a friend or that works night out you really don’t want to go to! What is wrong with saying no? We are all too worried about offending others that we say yes and put ourselves in situations we really don’t want to be in and if truth be told most of us then make last minute excuses for why we can’t go. I am determined to continue with my last months goal of just saying no, if it’s what I really want to say. Not making an excuse, just being honest and saying do you know what I just don’t fancy it. If people are offended then there’s not too much I can do about that, it’s better than lying to them.
  4. Read more books!! I have been in somewhat of a reading slump the last few months and I’m not overly sure why, but thankfully I have now read three books in a row that I have thoroughly enjoyed so I am hoping my slump is breaking if not fully broken. For now at least. So my goal is four books minimum in April!
  5. Work on my photography. Shockingly I have managed to fall in love with Instagram again recently, yes despite everyones issues including my own with it’s algorithm I am back and loving it! I have also been inspired by so many wonderful instagrammers I follow to up my photography game. The picture above is actually one I took on a recent trip to Stourhead, where I took advice from a fellow Instagrammer Carolyn and changed up the angle of my shots. Personally I love it, so I am determined to try and get more out of my photography in the next month and hopefully with Spring finally Springing we might all be able to get out there and take more beautiful shots.
  6. Meditate – I used to meditate a lot going back a few years and I found it helped me with a lot of issues, including my mental health. This is something I really want to get back into, as I have been feeling increasingly anxious lately.

Do you have any goals for April that you want to achieve? 


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