National Trust – Tyntesfield

As someone who enjoys a good nature photography session I have always enjoyed visiting National Trust properties, and during a recent trip to my local Tyntesfield I decided that it would save me a large amount of money if I became a member of the Trust.

I will say I am already half way to making my money back in a matter of a just a few months – a very worthwhile investment.

I thought I might showcase some of the properties I enjoy as I embrace my time as a National Trust Member.

First up has to be my favourite local haunt – Tyntesfield.


I love the range of flowers to be seen here, with my favourite being the soon to be Tulip season as they always have a fantastic array here for me to photograph.

I absolutely adore the houses chapel, it’s small but in my opinion perfectly formed.

It has some absolutely beautiful stained glass and I always find it to be a wonderful place to sit and rest.

I always make sure I save some time to be at peace here and just enjoy sitting in contemplation.

The library with it’s rows and rows and books and this beautiful rocking horse is another favourite area of the house.

I could easily imagine myself whiling away a few hours sitting in a cosy chair in front of the windows or in front of the large fire.

There was something about this gate that made me think of adventure.

What I could imagine being beyond it, like a whole new world ready to be explored.

Tyntesfield grow a fantastic array of plants and vegetables and I loved this variation of the squashes grown that were arranged in the greenhouses.

Their autumnal colours made me smile.

I hope you enjoyed my little photography walk around Tyntesfield.

I am sure it will feature again on the blog but this is just a little snapshot of the things I enjoyed on my most recent visit.

For more information on Tyntesfield and to plan your visit check out The National Trust website.

Are you a member of the National Trust?

If so, where are your favourite places that I should add to my must visit list.


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