Wonderful Wednesday #1

First up, I am very excited to be back with the Wonderful Wednesday crew. It’s something I loved on my previous blog and I am looking forward to getting back into it again over here on The Crooked Bookmark.

Anyone who follows me on social media will probably have seen me waxing lyrical about my Gratitude journal recently. It was something a friend gave me for my birthday last summer and I will admit I had avoided using as I didn’t see the benefit at all – but I have done very much a 180 in the last month. I have now got myself into a little routine where I take time every night before I go to bed to take five-ten minutes to just sit with my thoughts and decide what I am grateful for from that day, sometimes the words flow easily, sometimes not so much but I persevere. I have to have an even number of things, so sometimes I do have to fight for that last grateful moment, but one always seems to come.

I can attest to the fact that for me at least I have had a complete change in perspective on things since I have been journalling. It makes me think of the good things before I sleep which I am convinced helps me to temper down my tendency to overthink, therefore helping me to sleep better. I don’t believe it’s coincidence I have had better sleep since I started working on the journal. I have also enjoyed looking back on it when things are over whelming me, when I feel a little low just checking back through a few weeks of gratitude notes makes me realise that even though it won’t take away today’s tough stuff, in general I have a lot to be grateful for.

In the last few weeks I have been upping my instagram game again after a few months away. I’m still finding it tough with the annoying algorithm to grow my following but who isn’t?!

Below is a few of my favourites from the last week, mainly some gorgeous street art from my hometown!

This gorgeous piece is in Stokes Croft, and area rich in great street art. Painted by one of my favourite local artists Lucas Antics, it’s bright colours and awesome aquatic design brighten up a very long straight drive into the city centre.

I love the strange world this work opens up, sadly I don’t know who’s design work this is but who wouldn’t want something this wonderfully interesting on their house?

I am blessed to live in a city full of some incredible artists and designers, there is always something new and interesting to discover. One day I am going to head out and photograph all the bits I spot and I will share them here.

Of course, like most people around the country I had a snow day on Friday. I can’t complain too much as I spent it moving, making and launching this new space 🙂 I also can’t deny that I did all of it from the comfort and cosiness of my warm bed with a hot water bottle! I can’t think of a better use for a snow day.

This week I have also been able to be part of a box and message book being arranged by an amazing twitter friend of mine to be sent to a lovely young woman named Rose. Rose is suffering with an eating disorder and is currently being treated in a facility miles from her family and friends and it was the original idea of her best friend but picked up by my friend Damo who has helped to organise people to add little gifts and messages to a box being sent to Rose. We hope this will show Rose that she is not alone, even if sometimes being away from home it feels like it, she has lots of people out there that love and care for her and are cheering her onto recovery. I am so grateful to be a part of this little project that will hopefully bring some smiles to a young girls face when it’s most needed.

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    I love this thanks for sharing 🙂

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