As someone who enjoys a good nature photography session I have always enjoyed visiting National Trust properties, and during a recent trip to my local Tyntesfield I decided that it would save me a large amount of money if I became a member of the Trust. I will say I am already half way to making my money back in a matter of a just a few months – a very worthwhile investment. I thought I might showcase some of the properties I enjoy as I embrace my time as a National Trust Member. First up has to be my favourite local haunt – Tyntesfield.   I love the range of flowers to be seen here, with my favourite being the soon to be Tulip season as they always have a fantastic array here for me to photograph. I absolutely adore the houses chapel, it’s small but in my opinion… View Post

Four friends forever… But who will bethere to catch them? They were best friends at uni. But life was simpler then. Fifteen years later Connie, a former journalist, now struggles to maintain the veneer of a perfect family life. Jonas, her lawyer husband, is feeling the pressure at work. Personal trainer JJ appears to have it all, but his past is catching up with him. Their other friend, Layla, is a psychotherapist, but her career is unravelling thanks to a difficult and ailing mother. As the pressure builds, each in their own way must confront their demons. Sometimes things get too much. Sometimes we stumble and fall – and pray someone is there to catch us. A truly powerful and unforgettable story of love, friendship, and real life, If I Fall is perfect for readers of Alice Peterson, Amanda Prowse and Lianne Moriarty.       REVIEW I have been… View Post

How excited am I that my first cover reveal on the blog contains two of the things I love the most – the sea and the cutest dachshund! I mean just look at that little face 🙂 I just want to jump right into that little village and have my very own sausage dog companion. Praise for Nicola May’s books ‘This book will twang your funny bone & your heartstrings’ – Milly Johnson ‘A fun and flighty read’ the Sun ‘A funny and fast-paced romp – thoroughly enjoyable!’ WOMAN Magazine Rosa Larkin is down on her luck in London, so when she inherits a near-derelict corner shop in a quaint Devon village, her first thought is to sell it for cash and sort out her life. But nothing is straightforward about this legacy. While the identity of her benefactor remains a mystery, he – or she – has left one… View Post

First up, I am very excited to be back with the Wonderful Wednesday crew. It’s something I loved on my previous blog and I am looking forward to getting back into it again over here on The Crooked Bookmark. Anyone who follows me on social media will probably have seen me waxing lyrical about my Gratitude journal recently. It was something a friend gave me for my birthday last summer and I will admit I had avoided using as I didn’t see the benefit at all – but I have done very much a 180 in the last month. I have now got myself into a little routine where I take time every night before I go to bed to take five-ten minutes to just sit with my thoughts and decide what I am grateful for from that day, sometimes the words flow easily, sometimes not so much but I… View Post

Most of us are regular people who have good days and bad days. Our lives are radically ordinary and unexciting. That means they’re the kind of lives God gets excited about. While the world worships beauty and power and wealth, God hides his glory in the simple, the mundane, the foolish, working in unawesome people, things, and places. In our day of celebrity worship and online posturing, this is a refreshing, even transformative way of understanding God and our place in his creation. It urges us to treasure a life of simplicity, to love those whom the world passes by, to work for God’s glory rather than our own. And it demonstrates that God has always been the Lord of the cross–a Savior who hides his grace in unattractive, inglorious places. Your God Is Too Glorious reminds readers that while a quiet life may look unimpressive to the world, it’s… View Post