I was due to be letting all you lovely people know my thoughts on Hiding by Jenny Morton today, but sadly due to a very hectic few weeks my review is going to be delayed – but rest assured my review will be with you very soon. However never one to disappoint I would still love to share some details of the book with you, along with the chance to win your very own copy of Hiding! A gripping psychological thriller with chilling twists, from a unique new voice.  

Keller Baye and Rebecca Brown live on different sides of the Atlantic. Until she falls in love with him, Rebecca knows nothing of Keller. But he’s known about her for a very long time, and now he wants to destroy her.

This is the story of two families. One living under the threat of execution in North Carolina. The other caught up… View Post

“This book is a way to release what’s going on inside your head and to keep heading towards the good stuff. The simple stuff. The stuff that’s going to really hit up that happiness on a deep and nourishing level. Whether you dip into these pages every now and then when you feel you need it, or use it daily as a positive exercise, I hope it brings you much relief, joy and calm. Amen to the pen.” – Fearne Cotton For many of us, life can feel like it’s moving too fast with pressure bearing down on us from all sides – whether that’s from school or work, family or social media. As a result, we find ourselves frazzled, lost and – too often – feeling blue. It’s a subject close to Fearne’s heart. Drawing on her own experiences and including expert advice, HAPPY offers practical ways of finding… View Post

I’m very lucky to be opening the blog tour for A.L.Michael’s novel Prosecco & Promises today, and to celebrate I have the lady herself on the blog today talking about writing unlikeable women. So without further ado, I will hand you over to A.L.Michael. As it is in writing, so it is in life: women have to be likeable. They have to be pretty, and successful and palatable. Bridget Jones was a revelation, because she was outwardly a silly, overweight woman who didn’t ever say or do the right thing. Except she was wonderful, because she was flawed, but vulnerable and kind and loving and a good friend. She just made mistakes sometimes. Writing characters that people like isn’t that hard – you just imbue them with everything you wish you were. Strong, fit, successful, attractive, funny, kind and every other positive trait under the sun. But you know what… View Post