The Single Girls Calendar – Erin Green

A task a day to cure a broken heart.

Esmé Peel is approaching thirty with some trepidation, but hope in her heart. If she can just get her long-term boyfriend Andrew to propose, she will have ticked everything off her ‘things to do by the time you’re 30’ list. She didn’t reckon on finding another woman’s earring in her bed however, and soon she finds herself single, homeless and in need of a new plan. Her best friend Carys gives her the perfect present – The Single Girl’s Calendar – which has a different cure for heartbreak every day:

Day 1: Look and feel fabulous with a new hair style.

Day 2: Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Day 3: Reconnect with friends and enjoy!

Despite thinking it’s a bit of a gimmick, Esmé hasn’t got any better ideas, so she puts the plan into action. By the end of week one she has four new male housemates, and despite a broken heart she is determined to show Andrew she can do more than survive, she can thrive.


I would say that most of us unless we’ve been really lucky in life, understand what it’s like to go through a break up. Things seem all of a sudden thrown out of order, we have to start again alone, without the security of the person you love. It’s generally speaking a difficult and emotional time.

There is where we find Esme, dealing with heartbreak after finding out her boyfriend has had an affair. She knows she needs to get away from their shared apartment and move on with her life, but how?! Where is she even going to start? That’s where best friends Carys comes in with her single girls calendar. How I wish I had had one of these during any of my past breakups.

I really enjoyed watching Esme’s life change throughout this book, and I so wanted her to get over Andrew, who affair aside I didn’t think was the right man for her. I found myself hoping she would find something amazing to brighten her days, not a man but something fun that brought some sparkle to her sometimes bland life.

By following the calendar’s instructions for each day Esme’s life takes some unexpected turns and by a stroke of luck she finds herself living with her four male housemates. Sensible family orientated but stifled Dam, chilled out Russ, flamboyant and self obsessed Jonah and the enigma that is facially tattooed but kind hearted Asa.  I can imagine loving life in that house of guys, they all have their good sides, aside from maybe Jonah (but I will leave that for you to decide) and I love the dynamics between all the occupants of the house.

There is no denying that I fell in love with one character in particular and that was Asa, his caring nature and the depiction of the beautiful peacock feather tattoo made my heart flutter. His first meeting with Esme had me laughing out loud, and from then on I just wanted her to see in him what I did. We find out more about him throughout the novel and I have to admit it made me love him so much more. Thanks Erin for writing such a beautiful male character.

Esme’s story was great but sometimes frustrating, as she truly does have an issue with knowing who she is, as herself without any interference from others. She is easily led into things and I found myself wanting to shake her and say make a decision for you, not someone else. But then I realised that actually sometimes she reminds me of one of the traits I don’t like about myself, so in part Esme did me a favour in realising that I need to do more for me.

Sadly for me the ending was a touch disappointing as it was something I couldn’t imagine the characters doing after getting to know them through the course of the book, but it definitely didn’t spoil the book for me and I will be looking out for more of Erin’s work.

A great feel good story, which an interesting mix of characters that get into your heart. I defy you to not fall for Asa even a little after reading this novel.

For more info on Erin please check her out on Twitter at @eringreenauthor

Thank you to Aria & NetGalley for providing me this copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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