Faking Friends – Jane Fallon

Your best friend stole your fiancé. Do you run away and hide, or start planning your revenge? Find out in Sunday Timesbestselling author Jane Fallon’s BRAND NEW novel.

Best friend, soulmate, confidante . . . backstabber.

Amy thought she knew everything there was to know about her best friend Melissa. Then again, Amy also thought she was on the verge of the wedding of her dreams to her long-distance fiancé.

Until she pays a surprise trip home to London. Jack is out, but it’s clear another woman has been making herself at home in their flat.

There’s something about her stuff that feels oddly familiar . . . and then it hits Amy. The Other Woman is Melissa.

Amy has lost her home, her fiancé and her best friend in one disastrous weekend – but instead of falling apart, she’s determined to get her own back.

Piecing her life back together won’t be half as fun as dismantling theirs, after all.


When I spotted this latest novel from Jane Fallon appear I knew I had to read it, I love Jane’s talent for writing about real women and relationships.

From the beginning of this novel I adored main character Amy, there was something completely relatable about her and I warmed to her straight away. I couldn’t imagine how she must feel coming home to find her soon to be husband having an affair (unless he has decided to start wearing women’s clothes in his spare time) as there is a suitcase full of women’s clothes that are definitely not hers on their bed & toiletries in their bathroom. Who is this woman and why are her things strewn throughout the flat Amy shares with Jack?

To make the horror of finding out your fiancee is having an affair, imagine the body blow when you find the woman in question is your best friend! Mel has always been a bit of a bitch, but Amy has spent years overlooking her wrongdoings –  surely this is a step too far even for Amy to overlook. But she can’t just confront them can she? She has to do something more, but what?! Can Amy make herself feel better by bringing about the downfall of Jack and Mel or will she end up locked in a battle with the woman she used to call her best friend?

The complex relationship between Amy and Mel throughout this novel, especially as we see glimpses of their youthful friendship was fascinating. I couldn’t imagine how Amy could have over looked Mel’s many flaws for so long, until I remembered how I had done similar with friends over the years, especially in my younger years. I could see how manipulative Mel had been, and how Amy had been somewhat in awe of her for years, therefore forgiving a lot of her darker aspects. As Amy goes about unpicking their friendship and fighting back against this woman who betrayed her, stole her fiancee and ruined her future, I loved watching her blossoming into a new person without Mel and alongside her partner in crime Katy.

Katy was another character I really enjoyed in this novel, she had been somewhat sidelined by Amy and Mel’s friendship but that didn’t stop her being the one who was there for Amy when she needed a friend. Watching their friendship grow in this book really warmed my heart, it was a story of true friendship and knowing who those people who have your back really are. That story within a story really warmed my heart.

One thing I found really interesting in this novel, was how instead of focusing on the relationship between Amy and her ex fiancee Jack, the story was much more focused on the friendship between Amy and Mel. I have always found it fascinating when an affair happens between two people who know each others partners or one of the partners that the anger seems to be at the partner rather than the one who knew they were in a relationship and pursued them anyway. I like that Jane focused on that female friendship at the forefront, as personally that would have hurt me much more than the fiancee’s betrayal.

I was absolutely pulled into this novel by the betrayal, the lies, and the fight for survival that then occurs. I was praying for Amy to come through stronger than evil and heartless Mel, and to end up happy and sorted in a better place than before. I wanted good to prevail over the mean girl mentality.

This story of betrayal, heartbreak, poisonous friendship and the fight to get life back on track was fantastic, it kept me guessing how it was going to end throughout and I was rooting for Amy from page one.

Jane Fallon has worked her magic once again, with this tale of jealousy, betrayal and back stabbing. Truly with a friend like Mel, who needs enemies!

Thank you to Penguin UK, Micheal Joseph & NetGalley for providing me this copy in exchange for an honest review. 



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      February 18, 2018 / 10:29 am

      It was great, you’ll have to let me know what you think of it 🙂 x

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