Everyday Supernatural – Mike Pilavachi & Andy Croft

Most of us believe in God’s power. Yet few of us see evidence of his supernatural gifts in our everyday lives. What are we missing?

Everyday Supernatural explores what the spirit-empowered life looks like for every Christian. God intended for each one of us to consciously depend on the Holy Spirit and use supernatural gifts as everyday tools. Relying on the Holy Spirit is not weird, full of hype, or something for only certain parts of the Church. It’s for anyone who wants to know God more fully – and make every day naturally supernatural.


I was drawn to this novel by not only it’s eye catching cover but it’s title and sub-title. How can you not be intrigued by a subtitle of a book called Living a spirit led life without being weird?!

I have had this book on my ever increasing to be read pile for the last six months, but following our churches recent 3 week teaching on The Holy Spirit, I felt led to give this book a try. I was definitely not disappointed.

From the first chapter I pulled in by the down to earth nature and writing style of Mike & Andy, they are two very likeable guys, the type that I could imagine sitting down for a chat with over some good food. The subject of The Holy Spirit, while important is an incredibly difficult subject to speak on, as there is just so much to cover and let’s be honest here we probably would never figure it all out if we read a thousand books. But what Mike and Andy have done is created a very every day explanation of the supernatural, the book does exactly what is says on the tin.

Subjects that have been a puzzle for me since I became a Christian became clearer through reading this book, especially the section on healing. This is something that I can be honest in saying I have struggled with during my Christian journey and I know I am probably not alone. Yet the way it is taught in this novel opened my eyes to some new ways of viewing prayers for healing. I know the next time I see someone suffering I will feel a lot more confident to step out and see if they are willing and open to receive prayer.

The honesty relating to struggle and failure within this book gave me a lot of confidence, and I have to admit it feels much better to know that even amazing leaders like Mike and Andy have overcome failures in their Christian walk. It makes me think if they failed a few times before they had success then I can get over a failure or two as well. There are a few Christian leaders out there who would like us to think they had never failed, which personally I don’t think is helpful to anyone they are leading, it only succeeds in making others feel inadequate.

Another thing I loved about this book is that it was so full of heart and humour, no-one would think a book about The Holy Spirit could bring you laughter but these two managed it. Through their real life experiences they brought many smiles, and they also showed their complete hearts for God’s work.

This is a great read, whether you’re new to faith, exploring your beliefs or just wanting to reach a little further into the Spirit Led life. It’s not always the big things, you don’t have to step out into something huge and terrifying, it’s about the every day, those little things you can do for someone to make them feel valued, or help them out, even just to offer a word of encouragement when you sense things are tough. Be faithful in the little things of life, and you will be amazed at what comes next.

It showed me some of the areas of my life where I can definitely start reaching out for more of the Spirit, and whether I see instant fruit or I am just the sower planting the seed for future fruit it’s always worth it.

Thank you to Mike and Andy for inspiring me to lead a more Spirit led life, and for writing the book that was my inspiration for my first night of leading our student group at church. We had some fantastic conversations off the back of what I learnt through reading this and what I felt God speaking to me about.

If you would like to know more about the men behind the book you can find Mike and Andy on Twitter.


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