Sinead Moriarty – Mad About You

Emma and James Hamilton have weathered lots of storms in their ten-year marriage. From the heartbreak of infertility, to the craziness of then becoming parents to two babies in one year, to coping with James losing his job, somehow they have always worked as a team.

However, the pressure of moving from Dublin to London for James’s new job – away from familiar surroundings and the family Emma loves – puts them under stress like never before. So when James starts getting texts from a stranger – texts that show startling insights into their lives – Emma is not sure what to think. She is far from home, isolated and before long finds herself questioning everything about their relationship.

Maybe those texts are telling her the truth and the life she believed to be solid and secure is just a mirage. Somehow she has to get a grip, but how can she do that when a stranger is set on driving Emma out of her home and her marriage?


I have to admit the thing that attracted me to this book aside from the cover which I love, was the fact that the characters had the same name as me and my other half. The fact that there was a rugby element to this novel as well was just icing on the cake for a rugby fan like myself.

From the beginning I warmed to Emma, she seemed very down to earth, and I absolutely sympathised with her during her move to London, the fear of not making new friends, and what she was going to do about getting a job, and if she did get a job what was she going to do about getting someone to mind the children. As a constant worrier, I really felt for her and wanted to give her a hug.

I found the relationship between Emma and her children beautifully written, although not a parent myself Sinead managed to write their relationship in a way that made me feel her pain when she had to leave them to return to work, and how she felt when they said she was mean or said Daddy was more fun. The relationships were what made the book for me, as I also loved the sisterly relationship between Emma and Babs, her utterly opposite but hilarious sister. She is that one friend you ask for her opinion on your outfit choice but brace yourself as you know she is about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

Emma’s reaction to James and the changes in their relationship were done in what for me was a very natural way, I know I would have felt it difficult to trust my husband if I kept finding text messages on his phone and then things started being sent to me. I think this book shows, that no matter how safe and secure your relationship is, most are vulnerable to a shock as big as the one that hits Emma and James.

My only issue with the novel is that sadly I figured out the person behind the gifts just over half way through the novel, which for me spoilt the ending a little. Although I have to admit that I had to keep reading to find out exactly how it all got resolved, and how everyone came to find out who was responsible. I only wish Sinead could have kept me in suspense a little longer.

A good chic lit novel for anyone who enjoys the relationships between women, as there are definitely some interesting ones in this book. I would also recommend it for anyone who loves a laugh, as there are truly some hilarious moments riddle throughout the drama of this story.  This is my first read from Sinead but I will absolutely be reading more.

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  1. January 4, 2018 / 6:14 pm

    There are definitely some books on here that I think I would enjoy! Always looking for new things to read but don’t want to take the time to commit to something I don’t know if I’d enjoy. So, thank you for the awesome reviews & synopses!

    • The Crooked Bookmark
      January 4, 2018 / 7:07 pm

      That’s always a risk, one thing I have committed myself to this year is the truth that life is too short to read bad books. If I am truly not into a book at all, then I won’t carry on. Some people think it’s a bad thing, especially as a mostly book blogger – but at the end of the day I work and have quite a few things outside of work that I have to fit in and don’t want to battle with things I don’t enjoy.
      Glad you enjoyed the reviews, and hope I can give you some inspiration for new books to try. If you are a thriller fan, my favourite book of recent times is Behind Closed Doors – B A Paris. x

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